Join us for a ten week in-person journey to open up your pleasure pathways, infusing every aspect of your life with more aliveness, freedom and power.

The Juicy Ladies presents


Pleasure As Medicine Immersion

What's inside this pleasure package?


10 two hour in-person circles in 

San Francsico


Weekly recorded home-play practices, to assist you in bringing the pleasure home


What’sApp group to facilitate community and share reflections


A full set of resources, including a reading list, pleasure tool suggestions and products to expand your pleasure possibilities.


Access to Britt’s Friday Zoom yoga and embodiment classes, to deepen your practices. Recordings will be available.


A high vibration community of playful, deep and inspiring women/ non-binary beings

Does this sound like you?


You're focused on other people so much that you’ve lost a connection to your body, sexuality and desires.


Your body is changing and you want to find a way to love and enjoy it as it is.


You’re craving dynamic friendships with people you can grow with.


You’ve lost your sex drive and want to recover it.


You want to have more fun, and feel more alive, in a healthy way.


You have “good enough” sex, but you know there's more pleasure to be had.

Register by August 20 to get a bonus 1:1 Pleasure Coaching session with Britt!

You're welcome in our circle!

If you want to go deeper into personal development; are in a transition, grief process, spiritual awakening; or just need some juice, this circle will meet you right where you are, and take you higher.


Our practices are accessible to everyone that receives them with an open heart and mind, no experience is necessary. 


This circle is appropriate for all life stages, including pregnancy, and welcomes all women and non-binary people with yonis.

space is limited so register now to join this juicy journey

Each week we’ll explore a different theme related to awakening your juiciness:


Building a life-changing pleasure practice


Cultivating self (and body) love and acceptance


Yoni and pelvic floor healing and enlivening


Releasing shame and conditioning that kills joy


Worthiness, and our blocks to feeling it


Personal power, boundaries and communication


Manifesting your desires through pleasure


Reclaiming your authentic wildness


Finding your power in the darkness


Choosing an empowering identity


Being your own source of turn on


Feeling safe, seen and loved in community

Register by August 20 to get a bonus 1:1 Pleasure Coaching session with Britt!

Britt holds space for people to explore their bodies and pleasure in a dynamic, silly, and challenging way that is her unique strength. 


I truly learned so much! 


I particularly recommend this class to people who have given birth somewhat recently or who parent small children, because it addresses challenges such as body image, relationship changes, decreased desire, self concept, etc. that are so common in this demographic in a truly unique and juicy way.



For over two decades, I have worked as a yoga, birth and embodiment educator; doula; coach and photographer; as well as a ceremony, circle and retreat facilitator.

I love using somatic modalities to help women and non-binary people with yonis remember that they are strong, wise and intuitive, guiding them to meet the challenges of life with openness and softness.

My work is inspired by my own experience in using pleasure to elevate and heal through some of life's most intense initiations. I have spent my share of time exploring the depths of the shadow realm, each time emerging with a stronger connection to my own light.

Much of the inspiration for this circle comes from my 650+ hours of training in Layla Martin's VITA coaching method, which applies a Tantric approach to sex, love and relationships.

Your investment in a juicier, happier and more satisfying life


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or set up a payment plan that works for you


reach out for a payment plan


Enroll by august 20 and get one free coaching session with Britt

plus 2 audio practices to get your juices flowing right away!

(A value of over $300)



financial assistance is available for those experiencing financial hardship.

to apply for our limited scholarship spots, send an email to:


What am i getting?

10 in-person circles full of transformative, healing and enlivening practice and discussion

Britt's individualized guidance on bringing pleasure to your unique circumstances

10 recorded home-play practices you can return to when you're craving a pleasurable infusion

A new community of conscious, inspiring peers that show up for exploring the most taboo subjects.

A skill set that brings power, fluidity and clarity to life's most potent initiations

Ancient sexual rituals for heightening your pleasure and manifesting your dreams

Yoga and embodiment classes to relieve stress, awaken your pelvic floor and move your sexual energy

A reliable connection to your truth and the confidence to speak and live from that place

After this Circle you'll have…

An authentic connection to your sexuality

Through movement, breath, hands-on practices and empowering education, you’ll be an expert on how to bring more pleasure to your body, in your own way.

freedom from shame and limiting thoughts

Through skillfully diving into our shadows and conditioning, we heal the wounds that have kept us small and disconnected from our true power, opening up unlimited possibilities!

More laughter, fun and orgasms

Liberating yourself from limiting beliefs and sitting in circle with likeminded people with pussies will give you permission to play and express your desires more than ever before.

Register by August 20 to get a bonus 1:1 Pleasure Coaching session with Britt!

“Britt is a boss when it comes to establishing and holding boundaries. I am grateful to have learned such an essential skill from this magical woman!”


“I regained a connection to my body and all the fun and sexiness that come along with it, which I had not felt since before my first pregnancy 6 years ago.”


“I’m more connected to my feminine power, presence and essence having journeyed through so many different experiences in community with other incredible women.”


"The home practices were the bomb. 

The group and 1:1 shares were deeply moving and the activating breath work, archetype and drum journeys were fascinating and fun. 

This offering reminds us that our own pleasure is not only a joy, but a blessing for all."



Will the in-person sessions be recorded?

To foster intimacy, vulnerability and uncensored expression, the in-person circles will not be recorded.  You will be invited to develop connections with the other people in the group, so you can get updates directly from them if you need to miss a session, as well as in the WhatsApp group.  And you'll always get access to the home-play practices.


What is the wellness policy?

Our space has powerful anti-viral air filters. Everyone is asked to self monitor for their own health and boundaries. Masking is optional.  We ask you to stay home if someone in your home, or anyone you have been in close contact with, has COVID.  If you are a parent and your little one has a cold, you may join us as long as you wear a mask and are confident it's not COVID or anything else super contagious.   



We ask that you do everything possible to show up to our weekly sessions, and you are invited to do what works best for your life. As for the home-play practices, you are invited to explore them about 10-30 minutes 2x a week, if possible.  The more you participate, the more you will get out of the circle. Sometimes showing up is all you can manage and that's perfectly OK!


I'm new to yoga, meditation and embodiment practice.  Will I be able to keep up with the group?

Yes! Our circle doesn't require any prior practice, just a commitment to presence and curiosity. Our explorations are intentionally paced to allow everyone to take it easy.


I am shy. will i have to share the details of my intimate life with a group of strangers?

Absolutely not!  Everyone is welcome to share as much or as little as they are willing.  Your boundaries will always be honored.


will i have to take off clothes to participate?

No, but you might choose to.  Everything we do in our practices is completely optional and we celebrate everyone's own unique way of showing up.  All of our pleasure practices can be done energetically, clothed, partially clothed or under blankets. See the pink section below for more on the container we create for our pleasure practices.


I'm pregnant! Will the practices be appropriate for me?

Yes! Everything we are doing can be adapted for pregnancy and will help you have a more pleasurable pregnancy, a conscious birth and an empowered transition into parenting.



Nope! I hold very clear boundaries in this container, giving all participants the same amount of airtime, so we can hear from everyone that wants to share, while still having time to get into our practices. People that want more 1:1 support are invited to choose the 3 session coaching package at checkout. 


I'm still not sure if this program is right for me.  Can we talk?

Certainly! Feel free to sign up for a 20 minute exploratory call here.


I feel so free and like a new woman!

This pleasure circle has been everything. It has completely reawakened my connection to my creativity, my yoni and my power.  I love that I got to embrace my shadows and shine light on what has been in the darkness for so long. I’m so grateful! I‘ve been telling everyone about this work and cannot wait to be a part of it again!


Christine S.

A note about the self-pleasure practices that will be offered 

One of the benefits of being in a closed container with a group of women and non-binary beings, is that the energy of the group builds momentum, enabling us to go deeper than we ever would on our own.   


Once we have dropped in together for a few sessions, and have co-created a field of consent, permission and safety, we will explore the edges of self pleasure, in community, one that radically honors the authentic expression of our sensual and sexual aliveness.  


We approach self-pleasure as a liberatory practice, where we can hold space for one another in shedding layers of shame, conditioning and self-limiting beliefs.  


We explore embodied eros through genital touching and reclaim our pleasure for ourselves, first. 


We honor that each person will be comfortable with different forms of expression and exposure to the group.  Some people will feel ready to strip down bare right away, while others may feel more easeful doing the practices energetically or in the coziness of a blanket cocoon. 


There will never be any pressure to participate in any practice, nor will there be sexual contact between members of the circle.


You will be invited to lean into edge of permission you give for yourself (and your pleasure) and let your nervous system set the pace.  


All of our practices are always optional. Consent is Queen.


This circle will change your relationship to your pussy

September 12 - november 21

Tuesday evenings  6:30 - 8:30 pm

Bernal heights, san francisco


There are no refunds once you enroll, unless there is an extenuating health emergency.


Email Britt with any questions or set up a 20 minute exploratory call 

to determine if this circle is right for you.

The Juicy Ladies community was founded by Britt Fohrman in 2018, with the intention to bring more embodied joy, pleasure and connection into the lives of women of all ages and life stages.


Our circles, retreats, dance parties, ceremonies and photo sessions bring you into your most authentic way of being, in both practical and magical ways.  We explore transformative practices, creative processes and rituals that infuse your whole life with more inspiration, clarity and enjoyment.


Learn more about Britt and her offerings at and on Instagram @thejuicyladies.


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